Sun Sandals - Surfer - Gold

Sun sandals

The Surfer is your classic two strap Jesus sandal. The adjustable toe buckle and ankle strap makes it the best all-rounder for both wide and narrow feet. The entire Sun-San range comes on a super comfortable spongy urethane sole with rust proof buckles. They can be worn in water and put through a cool machine wash. The Surfer comes in several lovely colours, and a range of finishes including shiny patent and metallic. The Surfer in a gorgeous pale gold metallic finish is something pretty special and one of the most popular colours available. A really lovely summer sandal for cool girls.

Size Guide:

If you are familiar with American sizes, Please note Sun-San / Salt-Water are NOT TYPICAL US SIZES. We recommend going up +1 in the Sun-San range.

Kids shoes should NOT be purposefully bought larger in order to make the sandal "last longer" as the traditional fit of this brand is pretty roomy. With any of the sandals, should you get a sore spot, dunk your foot & sandal into water and wear them until they dry (yes really!).

Size 6 (child) UK 5 (child) US 6 (child) EU 22
Size 7 (child) UK 6 (child) US 7 (child) EU 23
Size 8 (child) UK 7 (child) US 8 (child) EU 24
Size 9 (child) UK 8 (child) US 9 (child) EU 25
Size 10 (child) UK 9 (child) US 10 (child) EU 26-27
Size 11 (child) UK 10 (child) US 11 (child) EU 28
Size 12 (child) UK 11 (child) US 12 (child) EU 29
Size 13 (youth) UK 12 (child) US 13 (youth) EU 30-31
Size 1 (youth) UK 13 (youth) US 1 (youth) EU 32
Size 2 (youth) UK 1 (youth) US 2 (youth) EU 33
Size 3 (youth) UK 2 (youth) US 3 (youth) EU 34

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